Looking for Speaker Stands? Here's What You Need to Know

Looking for Speaker Stands? Here's What You Need to Know

Find a set of speaker stands that fit Milan and Monaco to a tee.

With so many options to choose from, the search for the perfect speaker stand can be exhausting. Our staff—with a little help from Platin customers—have compiled some shopping tips and product recommendations for you.

Before you shop, have your speaker specs handy.

Both Milan and Monaco sport a small footprint, making them easy to integrate into any space. Satellite speakers can be placed on bookshelves, consoles, sofa tables, or wall-mounted shelves. That being said, you may prefer the flexibility that speaker stands provide—for both placement and height. Here's the information you need to have on hand when you shop:

Milan Satellite Speakers

Dimensions (inches): 5.9H x 4.3W x 3.2D

Weight: 1.4 lbs each

Mounting hole: Back of speakers

Mounting thread: 6 mm (diameter) by 12 mm (length)

Monaco Satellite Speakers

Dimensions (inches): 6.7H x 4.3W x 5.5D

Weight: 3.3 lbs each

Mounting hole: Bottom of speakers

Mounting thread: 6 mm (diameter) by 12 mm (length)

Let's take a look at some great options.

Sanus HTBS Speaker Stands

This is a great stand for your satellite speakers, and the curved design of the bases help it blend in easily. It’s sturdy and stable, and a great low-profile stand for the price. It can adapt to any height between 28–38 inches.

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PERLESMITH Speaker Stands

Model PSSS1

Ideal for Milan or Monaco

This stand holds up to 8 pounds, more than enough for your satellites (Monaco are 3.3 lbs each, Milan even less at 1.4 lbs). This one also has the highest reach of the stands in this article, topping out at 45” for those of you with above-the-mantle TV mounts. They also come in white, if you want them to blend in more easily into a brighter wall color.

You can purchase these through Amazon, or get them for free when you add them to your cart alongside a Milan or Monaco system from our store.

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Model PSSS2

Ideal for Monaco

For those desiring a more modern look, these stands have a tempered glass base which ups the sleek factor at the cost of a little subtlety, making them as much a decoration as a utility. They also run with a slightly smaller price tag than their friends above, a quality which never goes out of style. They're a better match for Monaco than Milan—they're weightier than you need for Milan’s satellites.

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